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Southeastern Kentucky Medical Center

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    850 Riverview Avenue,
    Pineville, KY 40977
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    (606) 337-3051
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About this Provider

Ground was broken for Pineville Community Hospital on September 16, 1937. The first patients were received May 12, 1938. At that time the hospital contained 40 beds and an active medical staff of five physicians, including Dr. Edward Wilson, Sr., Dr. Edward Wilson, Jr., Dr. J.M. Brooks, Dr. George Asher and Dr. Charles B. Stacy. In May of 2018, Americore Health LLC finalized the purchase of the Hospital, marking a new chapter as South Eastern KY Medical Center.

SEKYMC has 150 beds (120 Acute, 30 NF), and operates a Home Health Agency. In addition to the nursing areas, the physical plant includes an administrative suite, business offices, purchasing department, surgery suite, kitchen and dining area, in and outpatient pharmacies, respiratory therapy including EKG and EEG, physical therapy, patient representative, radiology, engineering plant, medical records unit, quality improvement and social services offices, emergency room suite, clinical and anatomical pathology laboratories, conference rooms, and several waiting areas.

In June of 2019 the hospital was renamed Pineville Community Healthcare after the City of Pineville acquired the hospital from the previous ownership group. The agreement was finalized Monday afternoon.

City officials said people in the community and workers at the hospital should feel confident in the new direction of the hospital, and its ability to provide reliable healthcare to people in the region.


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